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Many of us experience depression, anxiety, grief, life stress and/or relationship stress at multiple times throughout life. Therapy can assist in managing these events and promoting your well-being.



Choosing to see a therapist is a healthy decision.

Finding the right therapist for you and your desired outcome is important.

None of us are exempt from situations that therapy could assist with.

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March 7th, 2020 in West Palm Beach!

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Do You Want a Healthy Relationship Guarantee?

Though no relationship comes with any guarantees, having a Couples Therapy Care Plan may be the closest thing you can have to a Healthy Relationship Guarantee. A Couples Therapy Care Plan should begin as soon as you decide to commit to one another. This is a proactive plan to help ensure that you establish healthy patterns and a style of communication with your partner that will promote closeness and relationship stability. By doing this you develop a rapport with a therapist when your relationship is not under duress, the therapist shares needed skills specifically for you as a couple in 2-4 sessions for you to have the best relationship possible, you check back in with your couples therapist every 6 months to address anything that may have come up within your relationship as it matures (This should be no different than going to see your Primary Care Physician Two times a year-It is Preventative Care), then you have a therapist who knows where you began, knows your story and can jump right in with you at times when you would benefit from Couples Therapy throughout your relationship. We don't wait to find a Primary Care Doctor until we need one, we have one who knows us already for the if and whens of illness. This makes it easier to make the call to get scheduled as soon as you encounter issues, preventing relationship stress and disconnection. (It avoids the who do we call and not only are we having issues in our relationship, now we have to tell someone we never met our entire story stress). Having a Couples Therapy Care Plan prevents the situation where the Couple waits to come to therapy until they are in a long term negative pattern that is harder to change and therapy would never become the last ditch effort to save their relationship. A Couples Therapy Care Plan helps you have the healthiest relationship possible.

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See how you can develop an amazing relationship utilizing proven techniques that can improve the quality and connection of your relationship.


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