Individual Therapy Session.....................$100.00 per hour

Relationship/Couples Therapy Session...$100.00 per hour

Family Therapy Session.........................$100.00 per hour

Online Therapy Session..........................$100.00 per hour

Phone Therapy Session-Individual..........$100.00 per hour

Phone Therapy Session-Couples...........$100.00 per hour

Relationship Coaching............................$100.00 per hour

Relationship Assessment.......................................$350.00

 Includes assessment, two 60 minute sessions with specific

guidance to build a more connected relationship and my written

review of your completed assessment with personalized

direction for ongoing reference for you.

Expanded Sessions available for clients who would like more than 60 minutes at a time. Many clients find that meeting for 90 to 120 minutes to be very helpful to gain momentum and progress quickly early on and then reduce sessions to 60 minutes to maintain progress.

My Hours:

By Appointment

Monday-Friday 5:00 PM-10:00 PM

Saturday and Sunday 8:00 AM-4:00PM

Because I offer extended and online therapy hours, I often have same week appointment availability and see clients same day as needed when experiencing relationship issues to be able to deal with the hot issue sooner rather than later preventing additional relationship stress.

 I make every effort to fit therapy into your schedule and pride myself on being readily available as needed by keeping at least one same day appointment open in my daily schedule for my clients when they need to see me as quick as possible.

In addition, as an established client, I am available to you via text, email and phone as needed. 

                                      Languages: English and Italian

Services Offered

WeCounsel Provider

MDLive Provider

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What is the difference between Relationship Therapy and Relationship Coaching?

The main difference between Relationship Therapy and Relationship Coaching is that therapists are trained and licensed to do more than coaches can do. Therapists must have at least a Masters Degree in Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy (with 2 years post Masters Degree Experience and Advanced Licensure to practice independently) or a PhD in Psychology with licensure to practice independently. Coaches often attend a school for coaching and earn a certificate. Therapists do all that coaches do, but can also provide a therapeutic approach to any issues that a couple is having. A Relationship Coach and Relationship Therapist both assist a couple with going from good to great, but Only a Relationship Therapist can deal with significant issues in a relationship if needed too.

 Both Relationship Therapists and Relationship Coaches ask questions to help one or both partners in a relationship to improve something – for example, improving communication, personal growth or helping them respond to needs better. Improvement will be judged on metrics decided on by all involved. Relationship Therapy also offers strategies for people to communicate so they can resolve emotional issues or so that they can come to terms with something that is hard to talk about (e.g. a previous divorce, infidelity, illness or a death, etc.) or mental health issues that are preventing someone from being happy.   Essentially, therapy clients are looking to resolve, heal, deal with issues, set goals and get results to get to a better place; coaching clients are only looking to get results based on goals that are established to go from a good place to an even better place.

 Another way to think about this is to say that Relationship Therapy adds the ability to deal with unresolved issues from the past that are impacting your ability to be happy together, today. e.g. “You said you had difficulty trusting your partner because of how your parents treated you when you were younger. A therapist can help you resolve that so that it no longer impacts your current life and you will be able to move forward. Relationship Coaching is more about assessing and adapting your habits in the present so you can get results you want in the future – whether that’s fixing something in the near term (e.g. “We want to organize our time better so we can spend more quality time together) or working towards something big over the long term (e.g. “How do I keep my ongoing conflicts with my in-laws from really hurting our marriage?”).  But don’t forget, Relationship Therapists do all that Relationship Coaches offer too!

 So, how do you know if you need a Relationship Therapist or a Relationship Coach?

You need a Relationship Coach if you want to set goals as a couple, make a plan and achieve them with the guidance of someone who is trained as a relationship coach.

You need a Relationship Therapist if you are discontent, arguing more than what may be considered normal, have trust issues, experienced infidelity, have high stress level, are experiencing depression, anxiety and/or other mental health issues, have anger and resentment in your relationship and/or other issues. With a Relationship Therapist, you can address all the above and also set goals as a couple, make a plan and achieve the goals that you set together. In other words, Relationship Coaching and Relationship Therapy assists a couple with going from good to great, but Only Relationship Therapy can deal with significant issues in a relationship if needed too.




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Relationship Coaching in all States

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Karen Collins



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