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Reducing Stress YouTube Video

Trusting Your Journey Guided Meditation Video

Healing Guided Meditation

Your Journey Dialogue

Peaceful Walk In Everglades (No Dialogue)

Peaceful Spot for Balance and Gratitude

Outside the Comfort Zone

Breaking Rules

Loving Grey Roots

Plane Perspective (No Dialogue)

Personalized Guided Meditation written just for you and narrated by me. How is this helpful? Guided meditations are a healthy way to balance and center yourself, assist in reaching your golas and to improve overall mental health. There are many options to find great guided meditations like the Calm App (My Favorite!), Head Space App, YouTube, etc. But there is nothing like a guided meditation that is specific to your needs and personal situation. I write each guided meditation that speaks to you specifically about topics that we have covered in sessions and identified goals that you have. I also write guided meditations for couples to assist with areas identified for growth to help stay on track of path you indicated that you want as a couple. If you are not currently a client, one session would likely allowme enough direction to complete a guided meditation for you.

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