The Benefits of Online and "Chat" Therapy to You:

  • Convenience
  • Saves Travel Time to and from Office
  • Secure Connection and Confidential
  • Easy to schedule appointments
  • Unconventional and Extended Hours available
  • No need to get a sitter, kids can be set up in a separate room to play  
  • Affordable expert care
  • Comfort of using an online connection rather than in person
  • Can occur anywhere that you find comfortable and private
  • Great for the Tech-Savvy and non-Tech-Savvy as it is as easy as signing on to Facebook
  • Can see me if you live anywhere in Florida or Ohio since I am licensed to practice in both states
  • Can see me if you are out of town or in the woods, anywhere you get an internet connection
  • Not limited to therapists available to you simply due to physical location-making my expertise available to you if you are outside of driving distance to my office

*I am licensed in the States of Florida (LCSW) and Ohio (LISW-S) to provide Therapy

**I can provide Relationship Coaching in all states

Online Therapy

Karen Collins